What our customers say about us:
"When tipping fees, transportation costs and free product exchange are factored in, I estimate we save about $80 per ton allowing CPRC Group to handle our shingles rather than sending them to the Norridgewock landfill."

Tim Polky
Assistant Town Manager
St. George, Maine

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"We saved at least two years on the town's gravel pit and it didn't cost us a penny. The material (Reclaim) was free and so was the transportation (provided by CPRC Group) to deliver it to the town's gravel pit."

Charlie Poland
Road Foreman
Town of Turner, Maine

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"During construction of the John Mitchell Science & Technology Center at USM, CPRC Group helped us save on waste removal while meeting the stringent recycling requirements of a LEED-certified building."

Thomas Wright
Wright-Ryan Construction, Inc.

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"When I was the Director of Public Works for the City of South Portland, portions of our waste stream were often diverted to CPRC Group, allowing us to convert those materials into usable products for the local market rather than having the waste end up in a landfill hundreds of miles away."

Steve Johnson
Director of Public Works
City of South Portland
October '99 - December '04