Meet the Team

John Adelman, Chief Executive Officer

During childhood summers in Maine, John Adelman learned early on the gifts of nature -- from the ocean’s majestic beauty to the untouched woodlands that define Maine as a truly great treasure. Today, as CEO of CPRC Group, John has the privilege to lead a landmark Maine company as it fulfills its mission of being the leader in conversion technology. John combines his strategic planning, marketing and product development skills with his passion for good environmental stewardship. The result is a company that develops and deploys innovative conservation technology to solve the challenges that result when a vibrant economy confronts dwindling natural resources. For John, the solution is simple, conserve the resources that remain and incorporate conversion technology into the equation.


Jim Hiltner, Chief Operating Officer

For more than two decades, Jim Hiltner has worked at the forefront of the waste management and recycling industry. Prior to becoming the COO of CPRC Group, Jim held senior management positions at both Casella Waste Systems, Inc. and Waste Management, Inc. In the Northeast, Jim was a key proponent as the industry maximized the opportunities and benefits of innovative reuse of waste materials. Now at CPRC Group, Jim works closely with regulatory groups to identify emerging waste issues and create solutions with the company’s team of technologists. Jim helps customers in both the public and private sectors learn how converting waste and debris into marketable products is the most effective way to save both financial resources and natural resources.


Marcia Montague, Compliance Coordinator

Marcia Montague is the Compliance Coordinator for CPRC Group. Working with the Department of Environmental Protection and CPRC Group customers, Marcia arranges for transportation, delivery, receipt and processing of petroleum containing soils and other special wastes, per regulatory procedures. Marcia also handles the tracking and coordinating of waste material pickup and converted products delivery, which are part of CPRC Group's Material Exchange Program.